Blink for Teams


Blink for Teams


Automate Workflows Between Microsoft Tools with Blink

Blink is a security automation copilot, powered by generative AI. With Blink, it’s never been easier for teams to automate everyday security workflows.

Instead of building automations manually with scripts or with low-code steps, Blink incorporates generative AI to close the skills gap and empower any security professional to generate automated workflows across tools by simply typing it out as a prompt.

Automations in Blink can help your security teams turn manual tasks into repeatable workflows, turn security policies into enforced guardrails, and bridge the communication gaps between tools so you maintain a full audit trail and the context you need to resolve incidents.

You also don’t have to start from scratch. There are over 5,000 automations already in the Blink Library. Your teams can select and deploy any of these workflows to automate common tasks or see how your Azure account stacks up against common industry standards.

With Blink, you can automate workflows for:

SOC & Incident Response

Vulnerability Management

Cloud Security

IT and SaaS Security

Identity and Access Management

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

With secure workspaces in Blink, teams can collaborate across silos to create and manage automated workflows across your full tool stack to ensure operational excellence. To learn more, visit