ZenCRM Pro Edition


ZenCRM Pro Edition


The marketing-oriented CRM solution, part of the ZenShare Suite, based on the Lead to Cash process.

Marketing Management

Automatically add new leads using easy-to-create online registration web forms.

Find out more about your audience by aggregating online users origin data.

Increase engagement of your audience by better profiling your leads and contacts.

Communicate in a more effective and engaging way, through the advanced direct marketing tool for planning and automatically sending email campaigns.

Measure the interest level of all leads, by assigning them a score based on their online behaviour.

Keep your catalogue up to date by efficiently managing all information about listed products.

Contact management features

    Leads, accounts, contacts, agenda and history of completed activities.

    Data sets for leads, accounts and contacts can be customized.

    Sales management features

      Visit reports and business opportunities; automated generation of business proposals with pre-loaded templates. Samples management with workflow; competitors listing and asset inventories.

      Administration management features

        Conversion of business opportunities into contracts, as well as prospects into customers.

        Contracts and invoices management.

        GDPR and Privacy

          Control panel for GDPR settings configuration. Multiple consent data processing.

          Leads/contacts management by expiring consent. Web page for autonomous management of data processing consent.

          ZenCRM Pro Edition in details.

          • System features
            • Interactive charts
            • Multi language
            • Email notifications
            • Management of roles, user permissions/settings, administrator settings, document templates
            • Access security control
            • Leads, Contacts and Accounts import tool
            • Data export tool
          • Marketing management features
            • Lead score/geolocation
            • Management of email campaigns, target lists, web-to-lead forms
            • Automatic Marketing Campaign (lead nurturing)
            • Web Visits Tracking
            • Management of products and price lists
          • Contact management features
            • Leads, accounts, contacts management
            • Tree view of business groups
            • History of activities on leads/contacts/accounts/opportunities
            • Activity management (calls, meetings, tasks)
            • Agenda Management (calendar/list view)
            • Synchronization of CRM contacts with smartphones/tablets, calendar with smartphones/tablets
          • Sales management features
            • Conversion of leads into contacts
            • Account/contact geolocation
            • Contacts, opportunities, samples, competitors, visit report management
            • Automatic archiving of incoming/outgoing emails to/from leads/contacts
          • Administration management features
            • Contracts, invoices, orders management
            • Conversion of opportunities into contracts and of prospects into customers

          • GDPR and privacy features
            • Management of personal data processing consent in leads/contacts
            • Search filters for leads/contacts based on single areas of personal data processing consent
            • Management of leads/contacts as for expired/expiring consent by anonymization/cancellation
            • Web page for autonomous management of personal data processing consent
            • Web-to-lead form with integrated management of personal data processing consent
            • GDPR settings panel
          • Dashboard
            • Sales funnel
            • Offers by month
            • Funnel pie
            • Lost Analysis
            • Top 10 clients
            • ABC-client analysis
            • Revenues breakdown and targets
            • Sales conversion rate
            • Sales by product/revenue category
            • Opportunities by product
            • Sales network targets
          • CPQ module (Configure Price Quote) - sold separately

            • customize CPQ according to business sectors;
            • create/edit multiple quotes;
            • simple/intuitive user interface;
            • easily manage CPQ templates; save a quote as a basic template, thus the new quotes will only require insertion of detailed data, with a significant saving of time;
            • after creating a new quote, it can be assigned to another ZenCRM user.