TrackZero | Embedded Reports & Dashboards


TrackZero | Embedded Reports & Dashboards


Embedded Self-Service BI, Data Visualization, Dashboards & Reports Platform

Customers world wide are asking for more data, including reports, dashboards, and data visualization. Implementing these on a one-to-one is costly, time consuming and unpredictable as each customer`s need is different. TrackZero helps you provide your customers with embedded Analytics, Reports, Dashboards and Data Visualization powered by Machine Learning easily in a secure, reliable, and robust way. And the best part is, it's self service!

Customer-Facing Benefits:

TrackZero enables your customers to take a deep dive into the data you provide to them like:

  • Embedded Self-Service Reports, Dashboards and Data Visualization.
  • Embedded Dashboards with Configurable KPIs, chart types and more!
  • Machine Learning that allows your customers to peek into the future.
  • Automated Scheduled Email Analytics to get data on the go.
  • Simple to use Reports Builder.

Direct Benefits & Capabilities:

  • Ensures data separation between your customers by storing each dataset in a completely separated database.
  • Easy to integrate and doesn`t require data structures or database knowledge to integrate.
  • Customizable branding, look and feel to enable frictionless experience.
  • Embeddable into your own customer portal so it will look as part of your own site.
  • Integration SDKs are available for .NET, NodeJS, Django & PHP.
  • Direct API integration documentation is available.
  • Operates and observes high standards of security and reliability.
  • You have full control over data. You can Add, Update and Delete any Entity (Record) or Analytics Space (Customer Database) at any time. And with these tools you can easily comply with Privacy Laws like GDPR, CCPA and other emerging laws of privacy around the world.
  • Does not require access to your database, stream analytics data to TrackZero API as they happen and TrackZero will take care of the rest.

Use Cases:
We have seen TrackZero used in many use cases:

  • Provide Sellers on Marketplace platforms with rich analytics, dashboards and reporting.
  • Track affiliate redirection and monitor behavior on affiliate websites.
  • Provide Research Partners with controlled access to research data.
  • Store market research data in TrackZero and provide customers access to the data based on requirements.

Take the next step into evolving your customer`s relationship with your platform by easily delivering on their reporting and analytics needs using TrackZero. Click on the “Get It Now” button and start using TrackZero today.

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