Flight Info API - Schedules, Status & Seats Data


Flight Info API - Schedules, Status & Seats Data


The Freshest Flight Information Data Available Via Our Flight Info API

OAG is a leading global travel data provider, that has been powering the growth and innovation of the air travel ecosystem since 1929. Headquartered in the UK, OAG has global operations in the USA, Singapore, Japan, Lithuania and China. 

The new Flight Information API from OAG is a core foundational component of OAG’s exciting new cloud-based platform, that will dramatically improve the way we offer and deliver data to our customers. 

With the Flight Info API you can have access to the most current data available allowing you to confidently view or present current schedule availability and react to schedule changes as they happen.

Key features include:

Most modern API format (RESTful JSON API)

Increased data frequency - data updated in near real time - as OAG receive and process schedules.

Developer portal & management platform with interactive documentation (Open API 3.0Specification).

Schedules Changes Lookup – functionality to pull the changes data you want to see, based on chosen filters, including some reference data.

Calculated Seats Data – seats data that is enhanced with OAG Reference to fill in gaps not provided by Carriers in their data files.