Varnish Enterprise 6

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Varnish Enterprise 6

Varnish Software Inc

A supercharged version of Varnish Cache, for accelerating content delivery.

Varnish Enterprise is a powerful, feature-rich reverse proxy and HTTP accelerator that speeds up websites and reduces streaming latency to deliver a great web experience to all users, at all times. Varnish caching technology is trusted by millions of websites worldwide to reduce backend server load by up to 99% while delivering all types of content much faster.

From the team behind the popular open-source Varnish Cache, Varnish Enterprise adds more features, more power and more flexibility for scaling up web services while protecting critical infrastructure. With enterprise-grade features and security at pay-as-you-go prices, it is the easy way to expand your reach and resilience while reducing the complexity of your web operations. You can even use it to build your own CDN.

Varnish recommends M4 Large instance types for production. Small EC2 instance types are suitable for development and testing purposes only and not recommended for production.

Full support is also available, with the Varnish team helping you deliver web services with high performance, reliability, security and scale. Visit us here to activate support.

For a complete feature list, see more information.


  • Reliably excellent web performance - Deliver websites, APIs and video 300% faster with caching and an origin shield that helps your web service thrive under pressure: no more downtime.
  • Reduced costs and complexity - A lightweight but feature-rich solution that lowers costs while bringing new simplicity to web operations, with integrated content cache, reverse proxy, load balancer, API gateway, web server, and SSL terminator.
  • Quick to deploy and scale - Be up and running in minutes to scale up content delivery, protect against traffic spikes and extend your web services reach.

Support details:

Varnish Software offers a getting started online-session that includes an introduction to the software, best practices and tips. Cloud customers need to register to get access to software updates. Registration for updates and an online introduction is done by filling out the form available at

Support is available through an additional subscription. Read about support services or contact for more details. System documentation is available at