Heimdal™ Email Security

Heimdal Security

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Heimdal™ Email Security

Heimdal Security

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Heimdal™ Email Security - Exceptional Email Security Made Simple

Heimdal™ Email Security Key Benefits

Lightweight, easy to deploy, and highly responsive, our Heimdal™ Email Security anti-malware and anti-spam filter can be scaled to any number of endpoints within your organization.

Its MX record-based analysis vectors keep all malicious emails out of your inbox, automatically removing malware-laced attachments, filtering emails coming from malicious IPs or domains, or those containing malicious URLs.

No more worries about elaborate phishing attempts and malware hiding in emails.

Regulate attachments and email content more efficiently.

Minimal set-ups and minimal effort to manage. Liberates time for your system admins while making everything in inboxes safer.

Our Heimdal™ Email Security spam filtering system is designed to efficiently regulate attachments and unwanted content. Many existing email antispam and antivirus solutions are too easily bypassed by malware, through file header or parser manipulation.

With our next-gen email security solution, you will be safe from the triad of advanced malicious emails: botnet spam, advanced spam, and malware spam.

Secure the three crucial frontiers of email protection.

No more advanced spam. No more malware in emails. No more botnet attacks.

Our Heimdal™ Email Security uses market-leading spam detection and filtering engines that go beyond simple spam definitions. It proactively prevents even the most sophisticated email exploits that seek to harm your organization by bypassing regular spam filters and antivirus solutions.

Our solution works right away. You’ll never experience downtime and service interruptions or require server reboots.

Combine Heimdal™ Email Security with Heimdal™ Fraud Prevention to turn your email communications into an all-around fortress.

Protect against email fraud, CEO fraud, and business email compromise with advanced fraud security shields, as well.

The Heimdal™ Email Security next-gen spam filter is compatible with the Heimdal™ Fraud Prevention module which secures against the threat of business email compromise (BEC) and CEO fraud.

Together, they can work to stop and flag down every type of malicious email communication there is, including the carefully created emails coming from a previously trusted compromised email address.

While each module is available separately, by combining the two email security solutions, there will be virtually no avenue left for attackers to use your email as a gateway towards breaching your organization.

You can combine both the Standard and Advanced versions of Heimdal™ Email Security with Heimdal™ Fraud Prevention.