VINTEL Real Time Irrigation Decision App


VINTEL Real Time Irrigation Decision App


Track in real time Performance on the Vineyards and Optimize your Vine Quality and Sustainability

Vintel is the decision app designed for Winegrowers to track Irrigation Performance, Save Time and Optimize Resources for Vine Quality.

Vintel® helps improve grape production and sustainability. The decision app decreases irrigation by 45 to 80% and increases dry down period by 22 to 28 days.

Vintel is the farmers' partner today to build and live better tomorrow.  A complete and simple digital platform with the simpliest and most intuitive interface of the market. The service enables winegrowers to improve their irrigation efficiency through a more time-saving, day-to-day agricultural practice, thanks to our real time block management tool.

Based on agronomic modeling, developed with the best researchers for 15 years, Vintel will be the best winegrowers’ ally in the field to comfort them in their daily practices. 

Vintel Benefits

Get a head start with block management!

Make efficient irrigation decisions

Program early interventions to face climate variations

Forecast diseases and production outcomes

- Treat just in time, less but enough, and lower costs.

Optimize water resources

Streamline viticultural communication amongst vineyard management teams

Our clients

- Big Wineries

- Cooperatives

- Inputs retailers