TensorFlow for .NET

Lost Tech LLC

TensorFlow for .NET

Lost Tech LLC

Powerful AI framework for .NET: train and integrate TensorFlow-based machine learning models

TensorFlow from Lost Tech is a powerful deep learning framework for .NET

Easily integrate latest and greatest machine learning models built on TensorFlow into your .NET apps and services, or create your own models within your cloud or on-premises ecosystem. Your data never has to leave your servers.

What can you do with LostTech.TensorFlow

  • Pick one of 100+ high-quality pretrained AI models and add its functions to your app, service, or website
  • Tune models on your own data on your own servers or in the cloud
  • Easily integrate TensorFlow models made by scientists into .NET products
  • Develop new AI models entirely in .NET with LostTech.TensorFlow


  • Access the full set of TensorFlow APIs (our closest competitor covers <10%)
  • Train and run models on any hardware platform: CPUs, GPUs, TPUs
  • Use distributed training features
  • Track training progress with TensorBoard
  • Easily integrate research code into your products

Sign Up now

Click the Get It Now or Set up + subscribe button to sign up

It will provide you with a Pay-As-You-Go license key, that includes free monthly credits for experiments!

The key is also valid for your own workstations and servers.

There are no monthly fees. You pay only when software is up and running. The price scales with the power of your hardware. Target rate is 20% of the cost of matching Azure VM + Azure Marketplace fees.

For example, if you use HBv2 (120 Cores 480 GiB RAM) to train your models:

  • ~$1.80/h to rent HBv2 itself (3 year reserved)
  • ~$0.36/h Pay-As-You-Go for LostTech.TensorFlow (+20%)
  • ~$0.09/h Azure Marketplace fee
  • Total: ~$2.25/h for training your models
Our 20 free monthly credits will cover 20/0.36 = 55 hours of training (you still have to pay $1.80/h for themachine itself).

You must contact the administrator of your Azure Subscription to sign up.

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