Spirion Sensitive Data Platform


Spirion Sensitive Data Platform


Sensitive Data Platform provides accurate data discovery and classification to help manage risk

Spirion provides the accurate data discovery and classification solutions organizations require as a first step toward data privacy and security by identifying, quantifying, and managing areas of privacy risk.

Spirion Sensitive Data Platform (SDP) extends the protection provided by Microsoft AIP and MIP to environments and platforms outside the Microsoft ecosystem. This provides greater visibility and understanding of the organization's sensitive data, while adding the controls and policies suited to supporting compliance, privacy, and ethical data governance.

Spirion SDP is built upon a highly-scalable cloud architecture that brings discovery closer to the data, leveraging containerized microservices to deliver high-efficiency results. The platform offers dynamic cloud agents to scale scanning affordably in addition to a growing list of flexible APIs and integrations.

Spirion SDP applies context-aware sensitive data detection and purposeful classification using a range of techniques not possible with RegEx, data matching, or manually applied classification technologies. It then automatically federates access, use, and privacy policies across every platform, app, or instance where that data resides.

Spirion SDP provides a foundation of data protection that includes:

· Privacy-grade Discovery: Discovery processes apply a set of technologies and techniques to discover sensitive personal information contained within structured data in relational databases and unstructured data on fileshares, cloud repositories, and endpoints.

· Persistent Classification: Spirion applies labels that can be customized based on the sensitivity of the data, the process in which data is collected, the purpose of the data collection, or any number of governance policies set out by an organization.

· Real-time remediation: Securely process personal data from collection through disposal. Control how personal data is retained, logged, generated, transformed, disclosed, and shared. Collect and provide the evidence necessary for defensible deletion.

The platform is inherently extensible with support for add-ons that bring extended functionality that includes real-time data analysis or support for data subject access requests (DSAR)

Organizations deploying Spirion SDP can deliver a demonstrable path to compliance with regulations that include CCPA, HIPAA, the GDPR and others. The solution helps to reduce or better manage risk associated with problematic data actions such as collection, retention, logging, generation, transformation, use, disclosure, sharing, and disposal of sensitive data.