Birlasoft intelliOpen Solution


Birlasoft intelliOpen Solution


Reopen your business with confidence with an intelligent system for controlling the spread of COVID

IMPORTANT NOTE - Birlasoft intelliOpen solution and its modules (such as contact tracing, social distancing) in no way collect any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) information of any person or employee. Our solution works on the premises of the clients who buy this product to control the spread of COVID-19 within their offices, factories, workplaces. When a person/employee is on-premises where this solution is installed, they have to carry a digital card, tag or a band that contains abstract information in form of a code. There is no personal information attached to the card/tag/band. And only this card is traced within the premises and not any person or employee.


COVID-19 has impacted businesses across all industries leading to unplanned downtimes, extended shutdowns and disrupted operations. As businesses start to show signs of resilience, EHS, facility management leaders, and CIOs are looking for ways to rebuild safer, compliant workplaces that can keep employees productive and run 'BAU' operations.

With Birlasoft intelliOpen™ businesses can now reopen their facilities and workplaces with confidence. intelliOpen uses digital technologies to provide you with the much-needed defense as part of your 'return-to-work' strategy, from reopening the business to running operations in a compliant manner. It is an intelligent system for contactless screening of people, social distancing monitoring, and contact tracing (please read the 'Important Note' mentioned above. This solution in no way collects any PII information or traces people).

As part of this offer, we engage with you to understand your requirements and perform a study of your facilities (including structural design, wiring, existing equipment, route planning, network connectivity, etc.) in order to come up with the best recommendation for the solution, hardware, Azure infrastructure and services required, etc. 

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The Birlasoft intelliOpen(TM) solution (hereinafter “Product”) is being presented as one of the preventive measures to be considered by an organization to ensure the safety of its employees. Birlasoft (hereinafter “Company”) makes no claims or representation whether expressed or implied that the Product detects COVID 19 (Coronavirus). Company does not grant, explicitly or implicitly, to any party any patent rights or any other IP rights related to the Product, User may not modify copy, transmit, display, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from our Product.

Additionally, in no event shall our Company be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of our Product.

Note: our product is not certified as a medical device.