Skkynet DataHub

Skkynet Cloud Systems, Inc.

Skkynet DataHub

Skkynet Cloud Systems, Inc.

Secure real-time middleware service for OT/IT integration, IoT projects, and remote data access.

This subscription service gives you a secure, robust data conduit from any process in your facility to virtually any application running on Azure.

Key Benefits

  • Solve your IoT connectivity issues.
  • Secure your OT to IT data communications.
  • Move your IoT projects from pilot to production.
  • Cut your Industrial IoT project costs.
  • Reduce your cyber-security risk profile.

With the Skkynet DataHub® service you can integrate your live processes using standard protocols like OPC, MQTT, and Modbus, as well as connect SCADA systems, data lakes, and historians.

Features and Functionality

  • Securely access industrial data and embedded systems.
  • View and interact with your data without exposing your systems to attack.
  • Consolidate and manipulate your production data prior to sending it to Azure IoT Hub or any MQTT broker.
  • Aggregate MQTT and Sparkplug B clients with other data sources and integrate the data with any SCADA package running on Azure.

Now you can extend your plant data and take advantage of the hundreds of 3rd party tools available in the Microsoft Azure marketplace, while still maintaining secure, real-time industrial data communications.

“My customers all had the same problem. Someone came in, thought they knew what they were doing, but didn't have a clue. They couldn't provide the security or a steady data stream, or two-way access to the data. I needed real-time, and I needed security. I knew my hardware options. When I found out about DataHub software and how it runs on Azure, it was just a matter of putting the pieces together. Now my motto is: I can get any data from anywhere you have it and push it to anywhere you need it."

-Rick Lisowski, President of Skye Controls

“I couldn’t speak more highly of the support that the Skkynet team has given. I’ve never seen any supplier be more supportive.”

-Sam Harrasi, PCS Engineer for ABB, UK

Skkynet Cloud Systems, Inc. is a global leader in real-time cloud information systems. Skkynet offers privately hosted or fully managed solutions for moving data in industrial, embedded, and financial systems, from anywhere to anywhere. We offer customers the award-winning SkkyHub™ cloud service to collect, process, and distribute real-time information over networks, locally and remotely, as well as DataHub®, a proven middleware product to securely acquire, monitor, control, visualize, network, and consolidate live process data and financial data over insecure networks. Skkynet’s platform is uniquely positioned for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 because unlike the traditional approach for networked systems, Skkynet is secure by design.