The Assurance Cloud Service™


The Assurance Cloud Service™


A fully managed and hosted assurance Software

Accelerate service and network assurance for telco-cloud workloads on "Azure for Operators"

The Assurance Cloud Service™ provides critical end to end performance, fault and service quality management, supporting AI/ML-driven closed-loop assurance for hybrid, physical and virtualized networks, across all domains, within a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. 

The Assurance Cloud Service™ enables Opertors to assure their cloud based 5G workloads, by visualizing, automating and optimizing operations. This delivers enhanced, differentiated services and experiences, underpinned by a cloud native platform and complete suite of service assurance applications. 

The world’s largest, most advanced networks use the Assurance Cloud Service™ observability platform today to unlock business agility and realise ever-greater degrees of closed loop automation for telco-cloud enabled telecommunication architectures.

The Assurance Cloud Service™ delivers MYCOM OSI’s award-winning Experience Assurance & Analytics™ portfolio of cloud-native service assurance applications from the AWS public cloud, within a Software-as-a-Service commercial, operational and delivery model. 

The Assurance Cloud Service™ advantage

The Assurance Cloud Service™ is the telecom industry’s first carrier-grade service assurance SaaS platform for Microsoft's "Azure for Operators" ecosystem. It delivers business agility by eliminating months of deployment time and effort, avoiding risky system infrastructure costs and enabling on-demand expansion and feature activation. With a predictable, subscription service model; the Assurance Cloud Service™ is 5G-ready and future-proof, enabling Operators to accelerate and de-risk their journey towards running telco-cloud workloads on Azure.

The leading service assurance suite in the Telco industry

  • Built-in elastic scaling and high availability
  • End to end 99.99% high availability
  • Access to 100+ proven pre-integrated digital transformation solutions
  • Native comprehensive backup & restore
  • Automated updates through CI/CD
  • No infrastructure to procure, commission, operate, and secure