Tessell Database as a Service


(1 Azure Marketplace の評価)

Tessell Database as a Service


(1 Azure Marketplace の評価)

The only DBaaS on Azure to manage Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQL Server all in a single platform.

More and more enterprises want to migrate their databases to the cloud in order to modernize their stack.
But current DBaaS services offered by cloud providers cause organizations to pay higher costs, provide minimal management and control of data, and do not offer flexible data consumption models for data sharing.
Tessell addresses the complex data needs of individuals and organizations alike by providing a consumer-grade, high-performing, database-as-a-service platform that utilizes a multi-cloud approach to help you manage your data any way you like.

Tessell two service plans to manage your databases holistically:

Plan 1: Tessell Delight
The apps in Tessell are classified into three families: Database Services, Governance, and Cost. A brief description of the features in various apps is listed below.

Family: Database Services.
App: Provisioning
• Create databases of your choice of an engine on your choice of cloud.
• Choose between high-performance and standard compute shapes based on your workload.

App: My Services
• Manage all your services across clouds and regions in one place.
• Fully-managed database service with advanced monitoring and log viewing.
• Integrate your services with third-party services such as Datadog.

App: Availability Machine
• Zero data loss: point-in-time recovery with customized data retention as per your choice of SLA.
• Create and store various forms of data, including backups, table dumps, and anonymized data.
• One-click, policy-driven, secure sharing of data across regions and cloud providers.

App: Dataflix (Netflix for your data)
• Browse your data catalog among several categories, including time sensitivity and regions.
• Clone, import, or download data in any format across multiple regions.

Family: Cost
App: Billing
• See billing history, broken down at subscription level.
• Powerful dashboards classified based on subscription, cloud, engine, compute, and user.

App: Utilization
• Monthly, daily, and hourly utilization reports for each database service.
• Analyze usage trends and project future resource needs.

Plan 2: Tessell Delight @ Your Terms
In this plan, you get to enjoy everything from the Tessell Delight plan in addition to the following:

1. Customer-Managed Infrastructure
• Create subscriptions by bringing your own cloud accounts (BYOA) to Tessell.
• Enjoy the same level of fully managed database service while hosting the VMs in your infrastructure.

2. Bring your own Networks
• Register VPCs and subnets from your subscriptions, managing the corresponding cloud accounts.
• Take full control of your security policies by attaching relevant firewall rules to your registered networks

4. New App: Compute
• Curate compute shapes by disabling the ones that don’t apply to your organization.
• Restrict regions for a compute shape.

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