Wault Platform

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Wault Platform

Wymsical INC

GDPR compliant and speedy remote onboarding for HR with privacy, data control and security.

WAULT® is a platform that provides verifiable credentials exchange between users and companies involved in business transactions without compromising security, privacy and data control.

Empower your Human Capital Management Team to stay ahead of the fast-growing remote onboarding trend with WAULT®, the safe, secure cybersecurity SaaS platform.  

WAULT’s patented digital authentication and verification process utilizes forensic analysis, MFA and digital certificates to authenticate new and existing employees and easily integrates into your existing HCM platform via API. When your HCM team requires a decentralized immutable and hack-proof platform for storing, sharing and controlling verified employee documents, WAULT is your secure solution.  WAULT provides users document control, security, and so much more:


• Patented authentication process verifies business entities and end users

• Digital and physical ID authentication

• Frictionless MFA authentication for onboarding including biometric verification

• Tamperproof, validated self-sovereign credentials

• Secure, verifiable and controllable authenticated documents 

• Document audit trail, tracking, and chain of custody 

• Digital signature and certificate

• Offline secure document accessibility


• Anywhere, Anytime Access via a Mobile App or via Web. 

• User-friendly API plug and play experience

• API Gateway allows easy integration with existing systems

• Microservices-driven architecture unlocks extensive state-of-the-art  functions

• Mobile app notifications and dashboards with document custody updates and inbox communications

• Enterprise-grade architecture guarantees a stable platform and high performance (ESB)


• Employee record and meta data level encryption 

• Data access delegation

• Secure cloud platform with private/public key control.

• Certificate & digital signature enables immutable and independent verification on documents

• Bank-Grade Security with End-to-end encryption in TRANSIT and at REST

• AML/KYC, GDPR and CCPA compliance speeds up client onboarding.