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Automatic Business Modeler

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Building predictive models

Automatic Business Modeler - Predict the future behavior of your clients. Build accurate predictive models in minutes.

ABM automatically builds predictive models that forecast the future behavior of your clients. It requires no programming skills or advanced statistical knowledge of model construction.

And it takes only a few minutes to predict almost anything you want, whether a client will churn, buy your product, pay the loan and more.

Identify the predictors that matter most

When collecting a great amount of data about your clients it’s difficult to say what will really influence their decisions. ABM perfectly handles the problem. It automatically conducts various analyses and transformations in order to select only those predictors that have the biggest impact on your clients' behavior.

Easily generate predictions

Generating predictions has never been easier. Click one button and you’ll receive a list of your clients with assigned predictions made by ABM on how they’ll behave in the future.
Need to make predictions in real-time? No problem. Download a scoring code and use it in your own databases or scoring systems.

Log in to your ABM from the azure marketplace:
  • Open standard HTTP port (80) on your virtual machine (
    Important: you should consider adding a certificate and HTTPS layer to the virtual machine
  • Log in to the administration panel by going to the website: http://<vm ip address or domain>/admin-panel (e.g. admin-panel)
    using the default credentials:
    - e-mail address:
    - password: admin
  • Change the default password by selecting Users -> All and clicking the pencil icon in the Actions column next to
  • Add a new user by selecting Users -> Create. When filling out the form, remember to select Roles: ROLE_USER
  • After creating the user select Uers -> All and click "Not assigned to any group" in the Group column next to the created user, then select the default group
  • The new user can now log in to the ABM service by visiting the website: http://<vm ip address or domain> (e.g.
  • Full features include:

    • Automatic dataset preparation including data quality improvement tasks
    • 3 working modes presenting different approaches to data processing and modeling
    • Automatic building of the best possible predictive model for your data and goals
    • Comprehensive reports on your predictive model quality and data used
    • Generating predictions via off-line data scoring
    • Generating scoring code for on-line data scoring