ONwork Basic

ONwork AS

ONwork Basic

ONwork AS

Governance in Teams. A complete and fully integrated solution with the best end user experience.

Have you ever experienced that colleagues uncritically create new teams, or that project information is hard to find? We have a solution! ONwork adds a layer of control to Microsoft Teams – making sure everyone gets a better workday and work overview. ONwork allows you to implement rules and routines, without losing the flexibility of the Teams platform, and we organize the tools you already use. 


ONwork's basic module gives you everything you need to get structure in Teams and control of existing and historical teams created in your organisation. 


Key features:

- Create your company's own templates for new teams, with customized tabs 

- Automated naming of teams with icons and prefix, and a fixed folder structure

- APP in Teams with overview of all active and archived teams

- Easy access control – everyone sees what they need to see

- A searchable archive where closed teams are automatically stored

- And much more... 



ONwork is a dynamic digitization platform that simplifies and improves work processes. The platform is based on Office 365, with seamless integrations tools for collaboration and document flow, in addition to a number of self-developed features. All actions are performed in one user interface in Microsoft Teams.