The Programmatic Platform


The Programmatic Platform


Professional digital marketing campaigns management interface.

The Programmatic Platform is the most advenced application for creation and automated management of search, social and display marketing campaigns.

The Programmatic Platform provides marketing professionals a sophisticated and dynamic management toolkit to design, optimise and also deliver outstanding campaigns through a step by step process including an interactive brief, dynamic media planning, auto pilot set up and a real time dashboard for optimisation and reporting. 

For 100% automated campaign :

Direct connexions to adplatforms.

Multi targetings creation.

Media ROI predictions.

Media plan vizualization.

Automated campaign set up.

Kpis optimisation.

Real time mediadashboarding.

Billing module.

The Programmatic Platform, is the ultimate way to operate marketing campaigns :

- Express needs in a few clicks.

- Build a large number of operations easily at any time.

- Buying costs and audience and placement targetingsperformances on specific kpis based on historical data.

- Real-time dashboard of your media plan allowing analysis on all adplatforms dimensions.

- Connected to main adplatforms : Google DV360, Amazon DSP, Beeswax, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snnapchat, Twitter, Google Ads & Microsoft Ads.

- Human errors reduction when mooving from media plan to set up.

- The best results for any given challenge and budget.

- An overview in a single interface with high relevance performances views.

The Programmatic Platform, all digital advertising.