Cloud Migration: 1-Week Assessment

MAQ Software

Examine your current system architecture, business practices, and data requirements to evaluate what your organization needs to migrate to the cloud.

When working with large-enterprise systems, migrating to the cloud can seem daunting. With dozens of Azure resources out there, it can be difficult to determine your migration plan. MAQ Software has over a decade’s experience in cloud migrations. Our one-week cloud migration assessment will help your business understand how ready you are to move to the cloud, and what that move would require. We will help you develop a roadmap that ensures you migrate successfully to Microsoft Azure. We compare your operational requirements with your business goals to provide a technological roadmap from the current on-premises system to the cloud sphere.

By the end of the assessment, you will have the most efficient cloud migration strategy for your organization that empowers you to take the first step in your cloud journey.

Target Audience

  • Project Managers
  • Architects
  • IT Business Heads
  • Technical Solution Leads


  • Understand overall business objectives, and motivation to migrate to a cloud landscape
  • Engage in whiteboard sessions to review current state of data management platform, servers, ETL process, and reporting platform (if any)
  • Collect workload utilization metrics
  • Categorize workloads (e.g., identifying non-production and production)
  • Discovery sessions with stakeholders, leads, and developers


  • In-depth report about existing data landscape, including assessment of technologies, integration, data volume, and reporting latency
  • Azure VM Migration Report, including workload utilization metrics, Azure readiness, optimized VM and Storage profiling, and cost projections
  • Domain-driven design guidance with high-level overview of recommended cloud landscape
  • Organizational assessment and recommendations for (re)alignment to cloud delivery, including guidance on security and automation
  • High-level data migration plan: feasible and strategic options based on data workloads


  • As part of the engagement, you will have the following:
  • Comparative view of existing versus future system landscape
  • Estimated effort and time to move target data to the cloud
  • A set of strategic recommendations, including a backlog of immediate next steps

Delivery Method

  • Web conference or whiteboard sessions at client location; our 24-hour cycle allows us to work within your required time zones