CyberPion's Ecosystem Security


CyberPion's Ecosystem Security


Enterprise Ecosystem Security. Connect with Confidence.


Cyberpion provides Ecosystem Security far beyond the sight and reach of today’s security solutions. Enterprises operate an interconnected ecosystem for collaborative business growth.

These connections expose an exponential chain of vulnerabilities via seemingly legitimate business activity. Cyberpion identifies security issues throughout this ecosystem to control and manage vulnerable connection points and prevent exploitation.

With our consolidated solution, enterprises will finally be able to gain control and secure their organization from risks stemming from Web, Cloud, PKI, DNS misconfigurations or vulnerabilities.

Key Benefits:

Cyberpion's Ecosystem Security is a continuous process of discovery, risk assessment, and remediation of your infrastructure supply chain. Our platform helps you with:

  • Discovery– Creating and maintaining an extensive map of your online ecosystem of both internal and external assets (third party vendors, partners and more).
  • Risk Assessment – Continuous security assessments of each asset and connection to discover threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Continuous Protection – Active measures to protect your organization against vulnerable connections.
  • Visibility& Alerts – Ongoing visibility of ecosystem information, inventories, findings, alerts, and recommended actions.

Azure Sentinel Integration:

Our continuous discovery, risk assessment, active protection capabilities enable operational Security Teams to receive clear Action Item Alerts that seamlessly integrate with Azure Sentinel enabling SOC teams to remediate on identified vulnerabilities automatically.

Target Audience:

Our solution is cross-industry and enables enterprises across all industries cope with the challenges of Ecosystem Security and vulnerabilities extending from an ever expanding Attack Surface.