Reply to emails in seconds and automate tasks


Reply to emails in seconds and automate tasks


Reinvent the customer experience with an intelligent end-to-end customer service automation.

Create a free account and in a few minutes, you can answer your emails in seconds!
EmailTree is an all-in-one customer service platform, with a multitude of features/modules:
  • Automatic reply suggestions: EmailTree will propose complex email responses, with different confidence levels, based on previously learned blocks of text which can be easily adjusted and inserted with drag and drop.

  • Multilingual support: reply in multiple languages

  • Team management: manage users’ roles and permissions, assign users to specific categories

  • Local database: easily import data such as contacts and data associated with your clients/products/services, which will be then used as variables to create custom blocks of text prefilled with data

  • Built-in simple CRM: easily communicate with team members, assign and schedule tasks, set notifications

  • Sentiment analysis: compute the sentiment analysis of each email to quickly identify emails received from unhappy/angry customers even before opening the email. The sentiment analysis can be beneficial to implement specific automation such as specific section/department assignment and workflows automation.

  • Intents detection: automatically identification of what the customer is asking and the possible actions/tasks to be executed. Using the intents, you can automate/semi-automate some tasks and workflows.

  • Named Entities Recognition: automatically identification of specific data such as  email addresses, phone numbers, bank accounts, invoice number etc. which can be used to automate particular tasks (e.g. automatic update of contact information, automatic invoice generation etc.)

  • Internal automation through Actions Manager: build in automation to execute predefined tasks using a rule-based interface

  • External automation through RPA: connect future/existing robots built with RPA technologies such as UiPath, BluePrism, Power Automate, AutomationAnywhere etc.

Our solution is suitable for any business professional, support team or customer service department from companies of any size which have a multitude of emails and customer requests. The benefits are manifold: save time and money while increasing customer satisfaction.