Graymatics Inc.


Graymatics Inc.


UrbanVision’s technology can be used to support police to maintain Law & Order, act as an aid to investigation, improve traffic and urban mobility management, help in deterring, detecting and dealing with criminal activities and preventing incidents. 


A wide range of CCTV based video analytics for safety and surveillance. Security features offered by Graymatics include:

  • Activity: Graffiti, Vandalism, Littering, Fighting, Jaywalking, Eve teasing, Intrusion etc.

  • Person: Face recognition, Demographics, Clothing, Mask detection Social distancing etc.

  • Vehicle: Number plate, Tracking, Parking management, Speeding, Traffic violations etc.

  • COVID related: Mask detection, Social distancing violation, Thermal camera analytics etc.


  • On-premises or On-Cloud or Hybrid Cloud-to-edge deployments

  • Minimal hardware requirements and short deployment times

  • Add multiple analytics in each CCTV camera in a simple plug-and-play fashion

  • Highly scalable and robust platform

  • Continuous online learning for future-proof performance

  • Draw critical insights from detailed Dashboards