IVIX provides tax authorities technologies to increase tax collection and combat the shadow economy.

IVIX develops tailored algorithms and collection capabilities to combat the shadow economy. By analyzing public data-sources, IVIX can solve in-scale significant fields in the shadow economy and focus tax authorities' resources on the most promising cases. IVIX has designed a robust approach in developing the following initiatives to close certain areas of the tax gap:

  • Scale-up Revenue: Achieve in-scale the level of proof required for civil tax collection by automatically detecting, documenting, and analyzing entity activities 

  • Package noncompliance and underreporting data in a readily accessible format for use by tax authorities

Key Benefits: 

  • Tax Jurisdiction Locator (Nexus): Detect automatically all businesses that have a tax liability in the specific jurisdiction

  • Entity Extraction: Leverage novel technologies to match online obscure presence with TIN 

  • Focus: Act upon strong indications of business expenses and revenue. Invest resources in the most promising cases. 

  • Macro Visibility: Present extreme visibility over your tax gap. Better understand your domain and determine in which verticals are the lowest hanging fruits 

  • Investigation Tools: Leverage and embed the unprecedented extra information and insights over the unified data to your ongoing investigations