Meridix Live Streaming Platform

Meridix Creative, Inc.

Meridix Live Streaming Platform

Meridix Creative, Inc.

Meridix Live Streaming Platform

Meridix makes it easy for anyone to broadcast like the pros.
Easily live stream your own sports and events from anywhere, complete with HD video, audio, scores, and stats. Get started with just a smartphone or tablet, or up your game using laptops, camcorders, and more.

Easily live stream HD video

Stream high quality video using off-the-shelf cameras, smartphones, tablets, or equipment you already have.

Unlimited viewers and listeners

All plans include unlimited viewers/listeners, and an unlimited number of events.

Built for any type of broadcaster

Meridix is used by teams, students, athletic departments, radio & TV stations, newspapers, and more.

Sports optimized experience

Offer your fans engaging, sport-specific player interfaces with scores, stats, and fan interaction.

Broadcast from a mobile device

No computer? Broadcast from a smartphone or tablet and take production anywhere.

Everything is archived

Every game video and audio is archived for later viewing, along with stats and other event data.

Get to know your audience

Understand your audience with deep statistics and analytics. Fans can watch from any device.

Audio-only live streaming option

We offer audio-only options for broadcasters and radio stations who may not need to run video.

Record the game and upload later

Lacking internet? Record the game now and upload it later. It will store just like a live game.

Utilize simple, effective advertising tools

Premium accounts can monitize with advertising tools including pre-roll ads, banner ads, and on-air commercials. We even offer integration with third-party ad networks.

Optional pay-per-view tools, complete with tickets and passes

If you choose to charge your audience, our end-to-end PPV solution handles the entire payment process. Instantly accept credit cards and redeem your earnings via ACH transfer.

Sell instant downloads of your game files

Broadcasters can set custom prices on a game by game basis, and sell copies of games for instant download in MP4 format. Fans get access to purchased files immediately.

Ad inventory is 100% yours

Sponsors, contributors, and boosters are there to support you. As a result, premium plans provide you with 100% of the banner, pre-roll, or on-air ad space for your own use.