Pingboard, Inc.


Pingboard, Inc.

Modern Org Chart, Directory, Statuses, and Employee Connections for Distributed Offices

Align and Connect your teams while remote 

Pingboard helps distributed organizations stay connected and aligned. Everyone from leadership down gets access to know who’s who, who’s working on what, and who’s where.  Pingboard’s features help everyone feel engaged and connected no matter where they work.

HR and People Ops leaders use to deliver a better employee experience through connection, transparency, and empowerment. 

Pingboard offers the following: 

  • An always up-to-date org chart

  • A searchable employee directory 

  • Peer recognition to build a culture of appreciation

  • Employee profiles that surface share skills, hobbies, and interests

  • Flashcard quiz to learn names and faces of employees

  • Private succession planning

  • Calendar integrations

  • HRIS / IT integrations

  • Slack integration

  • Mobile app

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