Plans and Pricing
This table provides the details about the plans and pricing

Sendmarc is helping to make the internet safe again by helping domain owners from organisations of all sizes to implement a global email security standard called DMARC. Using Sendmarc, you’ll gain complete visibility of all email sent from your domain, and you’ll get total control over how your domain is used.

Security – Once fully implemented, your domain is fully protected against email impersonation. In order to get to that point, all pieces of email sending infrastructure – from the everyday mail to the email marketing platform – must be configured to send mail in a secure manner.

Visibility – Gain never-before-seen visibility on all mail leaving your domain, from legitimate senders to those attempting to impersonate your domain.

Compliance – Sendmarc provides organisations with ultimate control of who sends email from their company’s domain, ensuring compliance to their IT policy. Sendmarc also eliminates the possibility of email-based Shadow IT.

Delivery – With a full DMARC implementation, mail recipients around the world are more likely to trust mail sent from your domain – and are more likely to route that mail to an inbox as opposed to a spam bucket.


Sendmarc’s software platform processes thousands of reports from mail receivers around the globe and turns them into tangible actions. Use our platform to better understand the compliance, deliverability, and threat level of mail leaving your domain.


Sendmarc’s service offering that meets your needs – whether you’re happy to use the portal yourself, or you require a team to drive the implementation. Our support and implementation team follows a well-defined process to take you to full DMARC protection while mitigating the risk of false-positives and allowing legitimate email services to operate without interruption.