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CloudLabs platform helps Cloud ISVs & learning partners to run hands-on-labs, test drives, POCs etc.

CloudLabs platform helps technology companies & learning partners to run hands-on-labs, test drives & POCs for various scenarios at large scale. It eliminates the need of any physical IT infrastructure for your technology training and labs, enabling the trainings and workshops with participants from across the globe. CloudLabs integrates 

CloudLabs Platform Use-Cases: 

HOL Platform: Build, deliver and consume custom technology labs at scale. You can build your lab desired configuration once and deploy thousands of times with a few clicks. 

Trainings & Workshops: Leverage our pre-built hands-on labs or bring your custom labs for trainings and workshops. 

Demonstrations: Showcase your tech product with impactful scenarios.
Events Support: Managed Support for in-person and virtual events for hands-on labs.
Hackathons: Organize impactful technology events with live progress tracking.

Cloud Orchestrator: Automate your cloud environments provisioning and lifecycle.

24*7 Live Support: Instant support for any technical and non-tech problems.

Pre-Built Labs: Authorized Lab Hoster for Microsoft and Check Point. You can try out our pre-built labs.

Virtual Delivery Experience: CloudLabs is optimized to support virtual labs deliveries in today's remote world, with our features such as ability to shadow cloud and VM environment, providing watch over the shoulder experience for instructors.  

Skill Validation:  Our latest feature addition helps you validate if learners have completed the labs correctly to ensure skill validation and quality assessments. 

Subscribing to this plan gets you access to CloudLabs platform where you can manage your labs and subscriptions easily. Once subscribed to the base plan, our customer sucess team will work with you to establish the labs consumption assist with pricing and billing as needed. Please contact in case of any questions.