The Most Impactful Azure Capabilities: 1-Week Imp.


Deploy Azure Active Directory Premium’s most essential user experience and security features: Single sign-on to cloud apps, Self-service password reset, Multi-factor authentication


Ensure efficient Azure Active Directory Premium's deployment with:


  • Business objectives
  • Current hybrid identity environment
  • Desired cloud apps in the Azure Marketplace for SSO
  • Business processes and rules for SSPR and MFA
  • Internal approach for introducing new technology solutions within your organization.


  • Develop an architecture design and configuration report which will outline the agreed upon configuration choices in order to meet the business and technical objectives.
  • Develop a deployment plan, including the approach to training and communications.


  • Enable the three workloads within your Azure Active Directory Premium in a development environment
  • Configure the applicable policies and processes in line with the architecture design and configuration report.


  • Develop a test plan based on the defined requirements and architecture design
  • Conduct integration and user acceptance testing.

    Deploy and Support

  • Enable & Communicate: Avaleris will work closely with your Change Management and Communications team to:
  • Train the administrators and help desk staff in how to operationalize the solution
  • Support the end users in the production environment Work to develop the appropriate communications strategy
  • Support materials to both introduce the solutions, as well as having good Solution overviews and reference materials
  • Enable and configure the tested solution into production
  • Support your IT staff during the production roll-out.

    Avaleris proposes to provide services as outlined in this offer, our pricing is based on our understanding of the project and the defined scope and associated assumptions.