Data Loss Prevention: 10 day Assessment


Assess identities and permissions, identify and manage collaborative systems, address professional and personal devices, and identify the Azure security measures required by your organization


Week one:

  • Information gathering of your organization’s security posture
  • Assessment of current or planned deployment strategies
  • Recommendations based on a better understanding of your organization’s security goals and cloud technology
  • Week two:

  • Strategic business objectives discussion on how Cloud technology can be leveraged in your environment
  • Document DLP requirements, DLP architecture, and roadmap plan
  • Presentation of results and a Microsoft DLP briefing presentation including recommendations to leverage Azure security solutions
  • Deliverables

  • Consolidation Recommendation Report
  • Roadmap for recommended activities
  • Insights into new technology adoption recommendations
  • Insights into new architecture and deployment options
  • Present the Assessment and Strategy
  • Avaleris proposes to provide services as outlined in this offer, our pricing is based on our understanding of the project and the defined scope and associated assumptions.