Decentriq for Advertising

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Decentriq for Advertising

dq technologies AG

A safe space for 1st-party data collaboration without revealing them to anyone, including Decentriq

Connect with your best customers, without sharing their data

Decentriq, the “Switzerland of data”, is a platform for confidential data collaboration powered by Microsoft Azure Confidential Computing.

The advertising world is shifting away from decaying third-party data as the basis for ad targeting and customer insights. First-party data is emerging as the new source of truth to build higher-quality audiences and run more effective campaigns. With Decentriq, brands can connect and use their valuable first-party data together with publishers and other partners in secure environments called “data clean rooms”.

Brands use Decentriq to prospect new audiences, plan effective media buys, and activate campaigns based on first-party data.

Publishers and retailers use Decentriq to better monetize their inventory and build more direct relationships with brands in the post-cookie era.

Decentriq keeps sensitive data completely confidential and inaccessible to all parties, enforced by market-leading privacy technologies.

Benefits of using Decentriq

  • Compliant, secure use of first-party data enforced by the strongest privacy technologies available, including confidential computing, differential privacy and synthetic data
  • Increase reach with high-quality prospects for more effective campaigns — without relying on decaying third-party cookies
  • Easy, intuitive activation with SaaS interface for marketing users that connects them directly with publishers

Use cases with Decentriq
  • Insights: Brands and publishers can securely connect their first-party data to gain new insights about customers and audience overlap while maintaining privacy.
  • Data enrichment: Retailers or other partners can contribute their data to help brands develop clearer profiles of their customers — without sharing the actual data.
  • Activation: Brands can use their first-party data to run retargeting campaigns with publishers, or even prospect new audiences with tailored, AI-powered lookalikes.
  • Measurement: Brands and agencies can use Decentriq to attribute conversions and measure the effectiveness of campaigns.