FIS Modern Banking Platform


FIS Modern Banking Platform


Plans and Pricing
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FIS Modern Banking Platform
The premier next generation digitally-enabled core banking solution from banking fintech leader FIS™.

FIS recognizes consumer expectations
for experiences that are convenient, engaging, value-adding and real time.

We empower banks
to provide unique and compelling customer experiences, and fully support a digital economy.

Your bank can transform
by moving away from legacy technologies and moving toward technologies and solutions that are agile, cost effective and responsive to change. 

FIS Modern Banking Platform

FIS Modern Banking Platform is an all-new API-enabled next generation core banking solution that ensures your bank is well-positioned to compete in a rapidly changing market. With the power and agility of this real-time platform your bank can enjoy:

·         Market and Wallet Share Growth             ·         Efficient Money Movement

·         Virtual Banker Advice                               ·         Demand-Driven Capabilities

·         Growth through Open Banking                ·         Plug and Go Add-on Capabilities

·         Anytime, Anywhere, Any Business via a single platform

·         Inherent Security and Fraud Protection    ·         Delivery Commitment from FIS

·         Azure Cloud deployments 

The time is now. Let’s advance together.