T2B by TOD


T2B by TOD


T2B, the inclusive talent management tool to highlight & increase Human Capital Value

This application is available in French and in English.

T2B by TOD is absolutly and really unique !

T2B provides disruptive solutions for talent acquisition and management. Based on both the identification of personal drivers and human values, T2B highlights and increases human capital value, thanks to smart mobility process and powerful engagement booster.

T2B accompanies companies throughout the entire EX (Employee eXperience). It helps them to develop a flexible and inclusive human resources strategy based on the employee’s aspirations to improve internal mobility and maximize both individual and collective potentials.

T2B relies on powerful tools based both on cognitive and behavioral sciences, that give employees thorough self-understanding and lead to a perfect match between their personalities, values and aspirations and the challenges and goals of their position. This enables companies to ensure the long term engagement of their talents.

More specifically T2B offers :

- HR communication tool that strenghten employer brand

- Potential candidates and employees assessment tools on human values and personal driver, that assess equally the fit with the position requirements

- Smart mobility approach based on an innovative matching process

- Engagement booster - ...