AI Pricing Co-Pilot


AI Pricing Co-Pilot


VDD's AI Pricing Co-Pilot helps you build a competitive pricing strategy

We have developed the first AI Pricing Co-Pilot suite for Retailers and eCommerce platforms

Actionable pricing data to make timely pricing decisions, based on several layers of maturity. Price products using proven science that moves beyond cost-plus pricing to consider elasticities, Customer reaction, product level relationships and cannibalisation, seasonality, and promotional effects when selecting an optimal price to drive sales, units, profit and margin.

Core AI Pricing Suite

AI Matching & Enhanced Repricing

Source all prices of similar products over the desired competitive universe, Advanced match and overlap rate and CPI. Advanced dynamic competitive rule-based repricing parameterizable rules.

Bespoke AI Pricing

Advanced price elasticities and AI Pricing across the desired competitive universe. Margin and sales forecasting optimisation at SKU and Category level.

AI Promotion & Discount Intelligence

Identify the type, frequency, and depth of all promotions. Test different promotion strategies to enhance average basket size or boost designated product lines

Category Management Suite

Product Matching and Category Scoring

Track, and compare exact & similar products. Actionable taxonomy to compare categories across all retailers or eCommerce platforms.

Assortment Mix Optimization

Detect all assortment gaps within any category to optimise the assortment mix formation.

AI Supplier Negotiation

Determine the suppliers with the highest-lowest impact on your pricing power. Map all suppliers based on their contribution to the promotion strategy across the board.

Quick Commerce and Dark Store Monitoring

Analyzing all SKUs from Dark Stores vs. other sellers and partner’s Dark stores vs. native partners' platforms.