Hybrid Cloud and On-Premise Connectivity.



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Hybrid Cloud and On-Premise Connectivity.


Hybrid Cloud and On-Premise Connectivity

  • Secure connectivity without VPN
  • Keep your data where you want
  • Appliance free network load balancing
  • Flexible communication options including one way and duplex
  • Build solutions that work with existing networks
  • Leverage existing on-premises services
  • Secure with no firewall changes

Connect on-premises applications via the cloud

Relay solves the challenges of communicating between on-premises applications and the outside world by allowing on-premises web services to project public endpoints. Systems can then access these web services, which continue to run on-premises from anywhere on the planet.

Build Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Many organizations run critical business processes with on-prem solutions. Relay reduces the barrier to entry to the cloud allowing you to leverage those existing assets in a hybrid solution providing the flexibility of the cloud without moving all of your applications.

High Availability for On-Prem Services

Relay allows for registering multiple listeners from one or more datacenters to a single public endpoint. This provides a framework for both performance and availability without complex application logic or a costly networking appliance.

Enhanced Security

Corporate security policies often involve complex firewall configurations and opening ports can involve security risks. Relays is an outbound only service which uses commonly utilized ports to communicate eliminating the need to change firewall configurations. Relay also leverages Microsoft Azure’s proven network security without exposing your on-prem application to potential attacks.