Denodo Enterprise (Hourly)


Denodo Enterprise (Hourly)


Denodo allows you to integrate data from any location and deliver it to any consumer in real time.

Denodo Enterprise integrates and delivers data from Azure, SaaS and other data sources. Discover delivers smart data virtualization designed for public and hybrid cloud. Access data directly, in real-time. Denodo Enterprise is a new, cost-effective enterprise grade solution.

Key Features:

  • Real-time data integration and delivery for UNLIMITED data sources (such as Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure CosmosDB, Azure data lake storage gen2, Azure SQL Database, Azure Blob...)
  • Query optimization to enhance performance and reduce system loads
  • Role-based security, data masking, single sign-on (SSO), SSL encryption, and pass-through support
  • One-click creation of data service REST and OData APIs with support for SAML and OAuth authentication

Top Benefits:

  • Deliver data to the business 90% faster than with traditional data pipelines
  • Reduce costs by not replicating data
  • Real time data access
  • Faster more secure with a lower TCO than other data integration approaches

Top use cases:

  • Real-time analytics combining data from Azure with SaaS and on-premises data
  • Cloud migration and data warehouse modernization
  • Data as a service
  • Logical Data Warehouse
  • Centralized Security and Governance

Pricing and Packaging:

Denodo Enterprise pricing starts at $15/hour for a 4 cores instance. It supports unlimited data sources. Azure compute charges are separate.

Following components are included:

  • A production instance of the Denodo Server Virtual Data Port (VDP).
  • The Denodo Solution Manager is optional upon request via Denodo Support.
  • A Denodo Server VDP instance for development is available with annual subscriptions only.
  • Denodo Standard Support is included with all the subscriptions, however the annual subscription includes a healhcheck to help you optimaze your implementation.