Chemical Technologies, Inc.


Chemical Technologies, Inc.

AI-based software for operating industrial processes 100%-autonomously, better than human-operators

Our AI-based software "AI Operator" can utilize data from the industrial processes and provide real-time recommendations to the production team or fully-automated process optimization decisions. It also predicts future changes in product quality or production yield, which reduces the cost of manufacturing.

Our customers were frustrated because of low product quality, disappointed about unplanned downtime, and struggling with human mistakes on the production line.

The AI-based product helps to do three things: 

-  First, achieve 100% of product quality. 

-  Second - increase equipment utilization to 99%, 

-  Minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

As a result - the manufacturing plant will be able to increase profit by 1 million dollars per month.

We provided a ready-to-use AI-based product for the production team without specific knowledge in the statistical area. 

On our side, we are using our own patented method: the combination of statistical deep learning models with first-principal models to provide high accuracy results.