Collabspace CONTINUUM: Cloud Records Management


Collabspace CONTINUUM: Cloud Records Management


Compliant End-to-End Records Management Automation, Discovery & Archive

Collabspace is a highly-scalable Intelligent ECM (Enterprise Content Management) cloud service that enables organizations to connect to and archive content from multiple repositories for purposes of managing the entire content lifecycle and extracting new value and meaning through content analysis. Once under management control of Collabspace, content can be securely searched and accessed via multiple mediums and devices.


Transform your governance strategy with these end-to-end records management features.
You’ll get all the protection of Collabspace ARCHIVE with the advanced search capabilities of Collabspace DISCOVERY, PLUS these EDRMS capabilities:

Email & Electronic Records Management

End-to-end records management for all your email and electronic content types, both structured and unstructured.

Physical Records Management

Manage physical records, with feature-specific capabilities for containers, inventory, space management, barcodes, circulation.

File Plan Template

Create one or more organizational file plans, to categorize content for purposes of applying specific records lifecycles.

Lifecycle Workflows

Design your workflows visually to manage the complete lifecycle of content from creation to disposition.

Auto Categorization

Files are analyzed based on pre-defined rules to auto categorize documents and assign, as needed.


Built with compliance in mind. Meet legislative and regulatory requirements seamlessly with automated Records Management activities and tasks.

Event Triggers

Event-based triggers for retention and disposition within lifecycle workflows.

Bulk Review & Disposition Approval

Review& approve disposition on large volumes of content using a list-based, workflow-driven review system that generates a Certificate of Disposition. 

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