Storya - Content Automation for Digital Signage


Storya - Content Automation for Digital Signage


Enterprise-Grade Content Automation Solution for Digital Signage

Storya is a content automation solution that enables marketing teams to quickly and cost-effectively create content at scale, using pre-approved templates. Equipped with an effective approval management workflow, Storya ensures brand and governance compliance.

Storya is perfect for Marketing and Communication teams in the Retail and Banking, Corporate Office and Healthcare industries that have a requirement to produce and distribute large volumes of content quickly, cost-effectively, and accurately to their digital screens.  As a standalone feature, and with integration to our Eze Impress CMS, Storya allows you to localise the content you produce and distribute, enabling you to provide the right message, at the right time, to the right audience, on the right screen. 

*** ISO 27001 Certified ***

Built-In Features

  • Dynamic Template Creation
      Publish high-quality and brand-approved content quickly with pre-approved templates.

  • Adaptive Functionality
      Your content auto-adjusts to any screen orientation or interface.

  • Asset Management 
      Easily access assets in one place.

  • Live Preview
      See a live preview of your content before you publish.

  • CMS Integration
       Integration with our Eze Impress CMS, allowing you to publish directly and instantly through the Storya platform.

  • Flexible Distribution
      Define rules for where and when content is scheduled to, based on your existing localisation attributes.

  • Configurable Workflow
       Ensure quality and on-brand content by setting up approval channels.

Additional Features (Subject to further scoping)

  • DAM Integration
       Integration with your existing DAM platform

  • Data Feed Integration
       Ability to link your data or RSS and social feeds to your content.