Namogoo Intent Based Promotions


Namogoo Intent Based Promotions


Plans and Pricing
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Namogoo Intent Based Promotions

Deliver The Most Effective Promotion For Each Visit

Offer the optimum promotion needed at the ideal moment in the customer journey while saving your margins and strengthening your brand perception.
Intent-Based Promotions autonomously learn from each visitor’s unique signals and on-site behavior to predict the optimum, individualized incentive for each and every session at the ideal moment in the customer journey, keeping it flowing hesitation-free by offering exactly what every shopper needs. Intent-Based Promotions holistically considers each visitor’s intent in real time, together with company goals such as desired margins and inventory levels, ensuring that brands offer the minimum promotion needed to complete the customer’s journey.

  • Maximize profitability & save margins with the only promotion engine that automatically diversifies the promotional offer based on the shoppers' intent.

  • Deliver exactly the right offer at the ideal moment in the customer journey on each and every visit

  • Easily deploy and scale promotions with for your site and native app in minutes with no designers or developers zero maintenance

Online brands are automatically diversifying their promotions and improving these KPIs:

  • 20X ROI 

  • 25% Reduction in Promotion Costs 

  • 15% Increase in Digital Revenue 

  • 45% Less Time-to-Purchase

  • 15% Less Journey Abandonment rate