Managed Detection and Response (MDR)


Managed Detection and Response (MDR)


Build defence-in-depth, Brightsolid expert security analysts and engineers secure your infrastructure 24x7x365 through Managed Detection and Response.

With a growing number of assets to monitor and manage alongside high volumes and the sophistication of potential threats, Brightsolid’s cyber security analysts offer prompt and effective threat response by monitoring your infrastructure for vulnerabilities and conducing triage and threat-hunting activities from an industry-leading cyber security platform, including Microsoft Sentinel and the Microsoft Defender Suite.

Benefits of Managed Detection and Response:

  • Brightsolid’s cyber security team will monitor your infrastructure 24x7x365.
  • Dynamic defence against cyber-attacks helps to mitigate risks with real-time monitoring, detection and response.
  • Prevent potential reputational damage through automated playbooks.
  • Protect against advanced and evolving threats with a best-in-class cyber security portfolio.

  • Your security is our priority.

    MDR is a managed service delivered by the Brightsolid Security Operations Centre (SOC), a team of expert analysts who will monitor your assets and infrastructure 24x7x365. The service includes detecting and analysing potential threats, with the security analyst providing context around incidents, determining the nature of the threat and its impact on your organisation.

    Brightsolid’s security analysts undergo continuous learning and development, with access to the latest threat intelligence to ensure that they are at the cutting edge of cyber security.

    Real-time security insights to protect your environment.

    Brightsolid SOC uses the Microsoft Sentinel platform to access security analytics and threat intelligence. This gives us valuable data and security insights from your cloud and on-premises assets, across all users, devices, applications and platforms that can generate and send logs. Brightsolid’s cyber security experts will analyse the data to detect malicious activities and attacks and perform security operations to minimise the risks from potential threats.

    Dynamic defence against cyber-attacks through faster threat mitigation.

    When experiencing huge volumes in potential incidents, the Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) capabilities of MDR can reduce the time to triage incidents and provide a rapid response to malicious activities, enabling cyber security analysts to focus on more urgent and advanced incidents. Automated playbooks act as a first responder to isolate assets or users that have been affected and prevent them from threatening the rest of your organisation’s infrastructure.

    In-depth incident response to prevent the escalation of potential threats.

    Brightsolid can deliver Incident Response activities that offer triage, analysis and guidance on remediating urgent or complex cyber security incidents. Cyber security experts will offer guidance around live incident response activities and post-incident forensics, ensuring that incidents are handled immediately and effectively.