RealmJoin – Companion to Intune

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RealmJoin – Companion to Intune

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Companion to Intune – Application Lifecycle & Management Automation Platform

RealmJoin is the cloud born companion to Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune). It adds the missing pieces to provide an enterprise ready client management platform.
RealmJoin improves the quality and reduces the efforts with nearly 1.000 pre-packaged standard applications for Intune, a modern package factory for custom applications and additional features like LAPS, remote support, Runbook automation and much more.

Enhancing the Intune Experience
Using Microsoft Intune as a cornerstone of large-scale Windows 10 deployments is the most modern and innovative way to go. But beside the strong integration of a growing set of group policy like client configurations and Windows App Store support there's a bunch of missing features blocking the usage for many scenarios.

RealmJoin is the Companion to Intune helping to solve many road blockers by offering AzureAD and Bitlocker intergration, deployment support for native Windows applications (win32), legacy domain integration and much more. The combination of Microsoft 365 with Intune and RealmJoin Management hand-in-hand extends the possibilities of every cloud infrastructure.

Devices, applications and users are available in real-time to streamline your user support. Get the full picture off all assigned and installed software components on Windows 10 devices no matter if these are modern apps, Intune assigned or RealmJoin deployed. Everything works in unity and the insights are available in a smart designed web portal.

Because of the cloud operated software deployment there is no need for SCCM or any other legacy deployment infrastructure, no need for any on premise pre-requirements. RealmJoin is a 100% cloud-based software deployment ecosystem providing corporate managed and assigned software packages to any place on earth - your company headquarter or Starbucks coffee.

Main Use Cases

RealmJoin provides an App Catalog with ~1.000 high quality pre-packaged applications and custom application packaging. Its tight integration with Intune, RealmJoin extends native functionality by providing auto-update and software life-cycle management features as well as advanced telemetry of application usage and software asset management tools.

Runbooks enable help desk staff to carry out routine tasks in a easy GUI-based way, without to have knowledge in programming or Azure/M365 admin priviledges. RealmJoin integrates a growing collection of curated Azure Runbooks to streamline and automate User, Group, Device and Application management. Customers can add their own Runbooks for their individual needs.

In a single- or multi-tenant administration, RealmJoin provides extended inventory insights for your clients by consolidating information from various sources (Intune, Azure AD, vendor databases, ...) into a well-structured interactive web UI, giving your admins and helpdesk staff a unique and complete view on your users and devices.

The built-in LAPS-feature for native Azure AD joined Windows and Mac devices helps you to create local accounts with elevated privileges on demand, while enforcing strict security measures and providing you with auditing trails to stay compliant.

First Steps
To get started with your RealmJoin trial, simply click on "Contact me" or get in contact with us via our contact form.