Low-code Data and Systems Integration

Why do you need Warewolf?

  • You are spending too much time developing straight forward line of business software.
  • Your company spends too much time or money on software development.
  • There is a big divide between business intelligence and the way the business is actually run because you depend on inscrutable and opaque code.
  • Running your home or business involves manual tasks because of separate systems or platforms that do not integrate cleanly.
  • You believe there must be a better way to write software, a more visual way.

Warewolf allows you to take your business to the next level through:

  • Systems and data integration and orchestration
  • Fast API development
  • Rapid line of business apps
  • Easy Service Oriented Architecture
  • Automated business logic and processes
Easily build all your systems in a low-code, visual, flow based environment. Ideal for skilled developers in any language.