Crosser IoT Connectivity & Streaming Analytics


Crosser IoT Connectivity & Streaming Analytics


Connect, Analyze and Act on streaming data with an all-in-one and low code platform

Pre-built modules and a flow-based user interface empowers anyone to innovate
Build advanced flows with ease and launch your IoT project faster than ever

Crosser is a real-time analytics, automation and integration engine for streaming data designed to remove complexity and empower anyone to innovate. The all-in-one solution helps you to get insights, take actions and build automations faster and at a lower cost.

Use the visual Flow Studio and leverage a library of pre-built modules to build data pipelines to:

1. Connect your IoT devices or other streaming or enterprise data sources

2. Transform, filter, clean and enrich your data

3. Add intelligent logic with event processing, conditions, custom code or ML models

4. Use actions to build workflows with triggers, alerts & notifications

5. Integrate to Azure services, storage and BI tools, SaaS Applications or enterprise systems 

Designed for Industrial and Enterprise IoT and applicable over a wide range of streaming data use cases, including: 

• Raw data processing and data reduction for optimized cloud spending

• Condition monitoring of Assets

• Operational KPI and OEE calculations and generation

• Advanced automation workflows



When you deploy the Crosser Node on Azure you’ll have a very straightforward architecture without having to learn to use multiple and complex services. 

Connect devices directly, to Crosser using MQTT or HTTP, without using Azure IoT Hub, build automation workflows faster than ever with the drag-and-drop Flow Studio and connect to Azure Storage services. Can´t get easier than this:

Data →  Crosser → Storage/BI 

Alternatively use the Azure IoT Hub to get data from your devices and then connect to Crosser to implement the streaming analytics.
The platform is agnostic and fully flexible.

Key benefits 

• All-in-one functionality for collecting and processing streaming data gives full flexibility for different use cases

• Low-code drag’n drop development for faster innovation without the help of software developers

• Interactive debugging tools to verify your streaming pipelines before deployment

• Predictable cost in a pay-as-you-go model

• Tight integration with Azure services and other applications

• Flexible deployment options for hybrid environments, deploy Crosser on Azure, on-prem or in the edge