DataOps for Snowflake Limited

DataOps for Snowflake Limited

Deliver data products at the speed and scale your business demands with

Deliver data products at the speed and scale your business demands., the data products company, delivers productivity breakthroughs for data teams by enabling agile DevOps automation (#TrueDataOps) and a powerful developer experience (DX) for modern data platforms.

Build, test, and deploy data products and applications successfully on Snowflake with:

  • Environment Automation: Manage Snowflake infrastructure as configuration & code.

  • Pipeline Orchestration: Build end-to-end pipelines in minutes and orchestrate tools you already use to ingest, model & test your data.

  • Federated Deployment: Deliver data engineering at scale, leveraging design patterns like Data Mesh or Data Vault quickly and enterprise-wide.

  • Unified Observability: Collect, unify, manage, and share operational metadata to provide a 360-degree perspective on your data products.

  • Data Product Management: Full lifecycle management for data products.

  • Developer Experience: Develop, test, debug, validate, and execute all Snowflake workloads in an easy-to-use, development-ready environment.


Supercharge your data engineering team for:

  • 5x faster time to market / value

  • >40% productivity savings

  • >95% less downtime

  • 100x more frequent releases

Take charge of your data while balancing agility and governance.

Offering a unique combination of speed and agility, enables you to drive maximum value from your data without sacrificing governance. It means faster development, team collaboration, developer productivity, data quality assurance, simplified orchestration, and more effective data product lifecycle management.

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