Central Management Console for Guardian Appliances

Nozomi Networks

Central Management Console for Guardian Appliances

Nozomi Networks

Centralized OT and IoT security and visibility for faster response to anomalies and threats

Nozomi Networks Central Management Console (CMC) delivers centralized OT and IoT security management for distributed networks of any size.

CMC consolidates OT and IoT risk monitoring and visibility from Guardian physical or virtual appliances across all of your distributed sites. It integrates with your IT security infrastructure for streamlined workflows and faster response to threats and anomalies.

Users who will benefit: 

    • Executive management will benefit from greater efficiency of people, processes, and products. It unified approach accelerates detection and response, reducing downtime and costs. CMC consolidates monitoring functions from multiple Guardian appliances, which eliminates operational silos and decreases the risks caused by separate monitoring tools. 
    • Network or Security Operations teams will benefit from comprehensive visibility of diverse OT/IoT networks and assets, regardless of vendor. It delivers fast security and operational anomaly assessment without any impact on mission-critical OT networks. The teams will be able to monitor and manage their environments more effectively from a single console.

CMC simplifies and accelerates detection and response to operational anomalies and cyber threats: 

Centralizes Monitoring of Your Distributed Sites
    • Single console access delivers unified summary of all network activity with drill-down of detailed information by site. Enables security and operations teams to answer questions quickly via powerful queries about any OT/IoT data.

Improves Your Enterprise OT/IoT Risk Monitoring
    • Maps your Guardian appliances and shows risk level by site. Delivers fast insight into critical data such as protocols used, alerts, incidents and vulnerabilities. Manages Nozomi Networks appliances and services.

Streamlines SOC/IT Workflows
    • Unified Your Security Monitoring. It integrates quickly with your asset, ticketing, identity management systems and SIEMs. It streamlines your security processes across IT/OT and harmonizes your security data 

Enables Security Best Practices
    • Leverages enterprise single sign-on (SSO) credentials for fast access to your OT and IoT information. Provides deep role-based access control (RBAC) “least privilege” permission options for maximum security.

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