SaaS Usage Service

Spektra Systems LLC

SaaS Usage Service

Spektra Systems LLC

SaaS Usage Service solution helps ISVs accelerate setting up their Offers on Azure Marketplace

Azure Marketplace SaaS Usage Service is a solution to help ISVs accelerate setting up Azure Marketplace Offers and integrate with the Fulfillment and Metering APIs.

The solution comprises two web applications – a Provisioning service that provides a landing interface for customers purchasing the ISV published offer via Azure and a Publisher Admin Console that allows Publisher / ISV to manage subscriptions and post usage against subscriptions to Azure.

The following are the capabilities of each of the applications:

User Portal

·         Place the request for purchase of a subscription

·         View License keys assigned to subscriptions ( optional )

ISV Admin Portal

·         View and manage subscriptions against the Azure Marketplace Transactable SaaS Offer

·         Activate subscription

·         Switch subscriptions between plans

·         Post usage against subscriptions ( single / bulk upload of usage details )

·         Manage licenses against subscriptions