Testportal for K12 Education

Testportal Sp. z o.o.

Testportal for K12 Education

Testportal Sp. z o.o.

Testportal for K12 Education

Online tests in a digital school. Reliable results and automatic grading. No matter the circumstances. 

Testportal is a leading platform that enables reliable knowledge assessment online by proctored exams, tests or quizzes. 
The integration with Microsoft Teams allows for easy test sharing and provides secure identity verification thanks to Azure AD. The scalable Microsoft Azure infrastructure guarantees stable operations. 

Benefits of digital knowledge assessment

  • Automatic grading
  • Non-intrusive proctoring and live monitoring
  • Restrictive time limits
  • Question drawing algorithms
  • Advanced question content creation and categorization
  • Detailed results, reports and statistics
  • Data security, including GDPR compliance

Knowledge assessment designed for educational needs

Automatic grading, statistics and reports
During the whole duration of the test, the teacher has access to information about the current respondents, results and test statistics.
All-round test supervision
The teacher has access to specific data about who and how many times left the test page. If the anti-cheating mechanism was alerted too many times, the test can be blocked.
Question drawing algorithms 
It is possible to draw a subset of questions from the pool created for a given test, and to divide the test into various subjects.
Time measurement
Sharing the test can be limited to a specific day and hour making it possible to start the test at the same time, as well as answer questions in a limited time frame.
Restrictive sharing
Security measures like securing the quiz against unauthorized persons or blocking multiple test takes, guarantee test reliability.
Video images from students' cameras
Access to the video image from device cameras enables supervision of the students’ behavior during the test.

Testportal vs. built-in Microsoft Forms

The Testportal app for Microsoft Teams offers much more than the built-in Microsoft Forms app. With Testportal, you can ensure your test is secure, configure test specific time limits and view detailed analysis and statistics about the finished test. The Honest Respondent Technology will mark each test leave. If you would like to ensure greater oversight, you can also analyze the video image from the students’ device cameras.

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