Urbana IoT Platform

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Urbana IoT Platform

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Urbana IoT Platform

What's Urbana IoT Platform

Urbana IoT Platform is one of the leaders in turnkey, fully-automated monitoring solutions for a variety of vertical markets. With Urbana IoT Platform, users are enabled to remotely monitor their devices around the clock with a cloud native application. These pre-packaged solutions integrate any Internet-connected devices over MQTT and natively supports LoRaWAN™ devices by the use of the fully managed Urbana LoRaWAN™ network. Long-life sensors, can be set up in few seconds using the mobile application Urbana Toolkit. Sensors can be mixed, matched, and scaled to meet a wide variety of IoT challenges. Real-time reporting ensures users can manage their inventory and assets before costly problems arise. If a problem is detected, users will receive instant, actionable alerts.

Acting as the enabler for end-to-end IoT solutions, Urbana IoT Platform is the reference technology for the implementation of end-to-end IoT Solutions.

The following functionalities sit at the core of Urbana IoT Platform:

Full-stack IoT Platform

Add devices to Urbana IoT Platform at the speed of light. Thanks to the Urbana Toolkit app and the QuickInstall engine, users are just 10 seconds away from seeing the device on the platform. Users can benefit from ready-to-use features or implement their own dashboards leveraging a secure and scalable platform.

Device management

Virtualise any physical object and create digital twins by selecting the most appropriate sensor and attach them to specific views. Drag and drop devices' icons on custom images, like maps and pictures, or on standard map visualisation tools. Use the Urbana Toolkit app to access your devices' data. Scanning a simple QR code, the application returns all relevant information like position, readings, status, etc.

Automation & Notification
Get the best use of real-time data by using it for triggering condition-based actions. Urbana IoT Platform continuously fetch real-time data coming from the sensors and evaluate user-defined rules to trigger commands.
Analytics & Reporting
Historical data is always available and custom reports can be dynamically configured by the user. Thanks to the analytics engine, advanced real-time queries can be performed and integrated into custom dashboards.
Integration & Scalability
Integrate Urbana IoT Platform with external systems through robust and cutting-edge technologies like GraphQL APIs.