VMware NSX - Cloud Service Manager

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VMware NSX - Cloud Service Manager

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Consistent Networking and Security Policy Management for Private & Public Cloud

The "VMware NSX - Cloud Service Manager" appliance provides a single-pane-of-glass visibility plane for managing your public cloud inventory

Note: VMware NSX Cloud™ requires two components to be deployed from the Azure Marketplace:

  • VMware NSX - Cloud Service Manager
  • VMware NSX - Policy Manager
Please make sure you have deployed both components before using the solution

Deployment Instructions:

  • If you have a greenfiled deployment, we provide Terraform scripts which enable automation for deployment.
  • If you have a brownfield deployment, or if you choose to do the deployment yourself, we provide step-by-step instructions
Refer VMware NSX Installation page for more details on both options


VMware NSX Cloud is a BYOL solution that requires a VMware license key. Features enabled in the public cloud are subject to your VMware NSX licensing tier.

Product Overview:

VMware NSX Cloud™ enables consistent networking and security policy management for applications running natively in the public cloud or in a private cloud. VMware NSX Cloud™ uses the same management plane and control plane as VMware NSX® Data Center, enabling a single-pane-of-glass networking and security solution for Hybrid Cloud.
Use Cases:
Consistent Network & Security Policy Management:
VMware NSX Cloud™ is a networking and security solution that enables customers to consistently define and manage, Networking and Security Policy constructs for applications running natively in Azure, other public clouds, and private cloud. A policy needs to be defined only once and can be applied to workloads anywhere - across virtual networks, regions, availability zones, and other clouds. Policies, once defined, are dynamically applied to workloads based on application attributes and user-defined tags. The solution provides rich L4-L7 security features and networking functionalities such as VPN and Policy-based-Routing (PBR) which empower customers to have more control over the networking and security constructs of their hybrid cloud deployment.
End-to-End Operational Control and Visibility:
VMware NSX Cloud™ provides standard interfaces and protocols to access the network and security data from cloud networks. Flow, packet, and event information is available via IPFIX, Traceflow, Port Mirroring, and Syslog. This data can be consumed by existing on-premises operations tools, and used to enable deep, end-to-end visibility for monitoring, troubleshooting, and auditing.

The above functionalities are supported across VMs, Horizon VDIs, and select Azure Services*