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Augury Machine Health

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Preventing Critical Machine Failure - AI makes it practical. Augury makes it possible.

Augury’s Halo Machine Health solution combines advanced sensors with powerful AI-based diagnostics and collaboration tools to help teams understand when machines are at risk, and what to do about it - long before those risks can threaten productivity. Using our proprietary AI that’s fully proven and backed by HSB with an industry leading accuracy guarantee, we work with Microsoft to help you optimize your maintenance approach so that you only perform maintenance when needed, avoiding unnecessary downtime and costs all while maximizing productivity.

How it Works

Augury’s Halo drives optimum machine performance on Microsoft Azure through a holistic approach of monitoring, diagnosing, collaboration and guidance that results in insight-driven action. 

  • Monitor - Sensors capture and transmit data to the Augury’s platform 24.7. 
  • Diagnose - AI detects issues, explains what caused them, the severity of the issue and prescribes courses of action. 
  • Guide - Platform, AI Insights, and expert support enable users to prioritize and plan optimal machine health activity. 
  • Act - Users collaborate with the latest technologies, such as augmented reality for installation and resolving alerts, as well as on guidance to improve the health and performance of machines. 

Our powerful AI-based diagnostics are part of Augury’s Machine Health Halo end-to-end solution that’s deployed on Microsoft Azure, empowering and enabling customers to transform into insight-driven organizations.

Customer Outcomes

Together with Microsoft Azure, our customers experience significant key business outcomes in record time, accelerating digital transformation and making companies more sustainable. Augury has saved 7,000 critical machines from failing worldwide, avoided 50,000 hours of downtime and delivered $100M in maintenance savings.

Augury’s Machine Health Difference

  • AI-enabled diagnostics are trained on over 10 years of proprietary machine data. 
  • Provides only mission critical, timely alerts and advises how to resolve them. 
  • Customers experience a 90% user engagement rate. 
  • On average customers achieve ROI in less than 30 Days.

By helping manufacturing become more insight-driven, Augury and Microsoft can elevate your Machine Health, level-up your optimization and enhance your overall sustainability.