ChainSys Data Reconciliations


ChainSys Data Reconciliations


Reconcile your data migration between your data source and data target, pre-load and post-load, deta

Solution Description

ChainSys Smart Data Platform offers built-in data reconciliation reports dashboards to ensure that every data migration project is accurate and complete, with nothing gained or lost, or improperly transformed during the migration process.

Key Features and Highlights

  • Pre-Load Reconciliation Reporting compares source to target data and indicates mismatches before final load.

  • Post-Load Reconciliation Reporting compares source to target data and indicates mismatches after final load.

  • Row and Field-Level Reconciliation compares source and target row counts and field-level mismatches.

  • Summary Reconciliation compares source and target summary values, aggregated along any dimension.

Why ChainSys

  • Eliminate risk of any data migration by ensuring reconciliation pre-load and post-load.

  • ChainSys includes Data Reconciliation as part of any Data Migration project.

ChainSys Approach

ChainSys Smart Data Platform leverages pre-built object-level extract and load adaptors for most common enterprise applications and data storage systems to accelerate your extraction, transformation, and loads.

ChainSys Smart Data Platform rapidly extracts master, reference, and transactional data to assess and profile it, then configurable business rules are applied to match, merge, cleanse and enrich each data object as part of its data flow. Each data flow is then orchestrated to execute sequentially or in parallel, as required by the target system. Source data objects are loaded into the ChainSys data mart for pre-validation, transformation, corrections, before final loading into the target. End-to-end orchestrated data migrations are typically performed 3 to 5 times prior to production cutover. Full end-to-end reconciliation of all data sources to all targets is performed with each iteration.